Best Time to Visit Costa Rica in 2021

Cohered with volcanoes, beaches, and biodiversity, Costa Rica is one of the ultimate destinations for a vacation where getting bored is impossible. Nevertheless, the season, whether it is refreshing winter or wet tropical summer; this country always has something to offer for keeping you busy. Starting from Central America’s best whitewater rafting to miles of two oceans touching beaches, and national parks and nature preserves full of amazing creatures – all these worth you coming here on your vacation again and again.

However, the most constantly asked question is when it is the best time to visit Costa Rica. Here, you will get to know this rainforested, rugged Central American country better and when you should plan a visit here. And, for this you’d have to walk through the end-.

Best Time to visit Costa Rica

When is the best time to go to Costa Rica?

If you want to catch Costa Rica at its transition season, then May to June or November would be suitable for travelling here. You can enjoy spotting wildlife and beach relaxation. Compared to the starting time of the year, clouds move quickly during this period, increasing the chance to see the Arenal Volcano’s perfect cone.

The time between December and April is the brightest and driest time to visit this Central American country. As a tropical country, there can be rain at any time, even during the dry season. So, it is wise to be prepared for it. If you miss the heavy rainfall of September and October, you can enjoy the key attraction of Costa Rica- its wildlife.

Let’s have a glance at what Costa Rica offers month by month-

best time to vacation in costa rica
  • Costa Rica in January

January is the driest month on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, whereas there can be little rain with mostly sunny weather in the central regions and northwestern. In the northwest, a strong wind is prevalent, which is known as “Papagayo.”

You will see wetter weather on the central mountains’ Caribbean side, especially on the northeast side. With highs of 86-94°F and lows of 76-84°F temperature, the weather in the Pacific beaches and the lowlands are cool with no rain.

If you want to visit here in January, then the last three weeks would be the best time to go to Costa Rica. In addition to this, from the perspective of weather, New Year’s Eve is also an ideal time to visit. Still, crowds and surcharges will make it a most expensive trip to this fantastic vacation destination due to peak season.

  • Costa Rica in February

In the Pacific beaches and Central Valley of Costa Rica, it is the mid-dry season in February. There is hot sunny weather with almost no rain in the central and western regions of Costa Rica.

As the temperatures on the Pacific side beaches and lowlands are pleasant, heading to the mountains can be an attractive part of your vacation. Due to the holidays of Costa Rican schools’ end in the half of February, tourists will face fewer local competitions for accommodations and activities during the latter part of February.

Though it is high season, still not the peak season in Costa Rica, so you can get slightly lower budgets for your travel deals.

  • Costa Rica in March

As being the heart of the dry season, March is another best time to visit Costa Rica. Though early this month, many lodges and hotels can provide rooms even before a couple of weeks, but later in the month, due to Spring Break travel, room availability may reduce and prices may rise.

If you are visiting during March, you will see the dry tropical forests covering the lowlands of Nicoya Peninsula and Guanacaste have dropped the leaves of trees with spectacular displayed flowering. If you love surfing, then the weather in March is perfect.

  • Costa Rica in April

As the last month of the dry season, April smiles with plenty of sunshine in Costa Rica. Though falling of Semana Santa or Holy Week and Easter cause large crowds in Costa Rica during the most imperative holidays, the crowds usually begin to decrease by the end of this month.

On this hottest month of the year in Costa Rica, you can enjoy ample sunlight in the Central Mountains along with most of the Pacific Coast. The southern Pacific Coast is a bit exception to this as the rainy season starts here early.

Since this is one of the most popular times to visit Costa Rica, domestic and international travellers will experience higher accommodation and flight fair prices.

  • Costa Rica in May

Visiting Costa Rica may be fabulous as there would be no crowds, no high budget to pay, though rain is knocking at the door. Weather in Costa Rica during May is a wager as it is a transition period from the dry season into rainy.

Though the weather remains dry at the start of this month, the weather pattern changes slowly by late in May. As it is a low season, May is the best time to travel to Costa Rica for flexible travelling without a prior itinerary set. You can see famous destinations such as Arenal and Monteverde without visitor hoards.

  • Costa Rica in June

Known as the period that announces the Costa Rican green season- June officially brings on the rainy season. Filling up the rivers with frequent and heavier rain, turning Guanacaste into lavish green, revive brown, and less season pricing- all these features make June into the list of the best time to go to Costa Rica.

However, the Costa Rican rain is rarely uncomfortable or cold, which is why most of the country welcomes a periodic, warm rainstorm in the afternoon as it leaves the trees, plants refreshed and took away the stuffy clouds.

If you visit Costa Rica during June, you will experience celebrating father’s day on the third Sunday, Arbor Day on June 15, and St. Peter and St. Paul day on June 29. Even if you get stuck in a rainstorm, there are still more fascinating things to do indoors, such as visiting one of the Cultural Museums of Costa Rica.

  • Costa Rica in July

You are lucky to visit Costa Rica in the middle of the rainy season combined with few weeks of clear skies and sun. This is the time when you can experience Costa Rica the best at lower prices and with fewer crowds.

costa rica in july

Although July comes within the parameters when it’s nation’s rainy season, it is an exciting month to explore the country. This month, for about 3 to 4 weeks, they are considered “sweet spot” when the rains subside, allowing them to enjoy perfect sunny beach weather just as the dry season.

So, you can enjoy all the main tourist hotspots such as Arenal National Park and the famed volcano with lower crowds. Moreover, you will get hotel rooms at a low price.

  • Costa Rica in August

Many tourists wait to visit Costa Rica until August due to the unavailability of quality accommodations in July. If you plan for a family trip, August is the sought-after month as the schools announce summer break.

Though the starting period of this month is another busier time of the year, it gets normal by the latter of the month. The begging of August is locally known as “vanilla,” which renders drier start with decreased rainfall from July through the middle of August.

By the end of the month, it gradually starts to pick up rain. In August you can experience several festivals as well as national holidays’ celebration.

  • Costa Rica in September

Though it is the middle of the rainy season in Costa Rica, visitors still get treated with lustrously bloomed rainforests, whitewater rafting in the rivers, and sunbathe in the warm Caribbean Coast.

Other benefits of travelling to Costa Rica in September are fewer crowds and lower prices. Though there can be several rainfalls during your beach holiday, this green season is much pleasant to explore out in this month.

At this time of year, some parts of this country are humid, such as the Caribbean coast. You can visit there for surfing and sunshine as well. Also, you will get some excellent surf breaks at Salsa Brava Beach in Puerto Viejo.

There is a place where you will see very little rainfall in the entire rainy season, Guanacaste Province. You can visit there in September.

  • Costa Rica in October

Most of the parts of Costa Rica are likely to remain wettest through October. But this typical pattern of the other part of the country’s weather shows up with sunny days through this month.

Travelling to Costa Rica during October is a bit complicated due to this inverse type of weather. Yet, you can add value to your trip by taking a room on rent in the rainforest and enjoy the rainstorms with the bird song. October offers you less-crowds and rain. So, you better come prepared with an umbrella.

  • Costa Rica in November

Though it is still rainy season here, the skies begin to clear over northern Costa Rica’s Pacific side beaches. While the Pacific coast starts to break through with the sun, the Caribbean transits into the full rainiest time of the year.

 In November, the driest part of Costa Rica is the Northwest Pacific, and frequent rains occur in the Central Pacific. The Arenal and Central Valley have the same weather pattern as the Central Pacific during this time.

As the weather begins to improve from the start of November, the number of tourists also increases. But, still, you’ll get many accommodations at a low seasoning rate. Though the pricing goes up by the end of the month, many hotels offer tourists discounts on Early Reservations for Thanksgiving festive.

  • Costa Rica in December

The dry season in Costa Rica starts in December that lasts till April. This peak season is the high tourist time of the year in this country. For being close to the end of the rainy season, the temperatures of this hotter month are relatively milder.

Due to the high season, International as well as domestic flights will be expensive. Compared to the low season, the accommodation prices will get higher up to 50 % in some locations as Christmas festivities are very close this month, the capital city of San José to witness the horse parades of EI Tope Nacional or the Festival de las Luces.

 But, if you want to visit any less crowded place even at this high peak, you can consider the southern Pacific coast’s Osa Peninsula.

Best weather in Costa Rica

best weather in costa rica

The annual average temperature in Costa Rica is 80°-90° Fahrenheit on the coasts and 75°-80° Fahrenheit on the mountainsides and in the countryside. This is why there is warmth throughout all year in this country. However, the best time to vacation in Costa Rica is between December and April. While in other months there are rainfalls at some points, these months offer less to even no rains. To enjoy the best weather, February is the best month to visit Costa Rica. Through this month you will get longer warm and sunny days.

Best time to fly to Costa Rica

 While planning a trip to Costa Rica, you should keep in mind that the weather varies based on the region. If you want to explore the rainforests and lounge on the beaches, you should have a tour during its’ dry season (mid-December to April). But as being the peak season, flight and hotel rates would be expensive during this time. You have to reserve your room and tour three months in advance to make sure a spot. You may also fly to Costa Rica between May and November when prices are low, and you don’t mind getting a bit wet.

Best time of year to visit Costa Rica with discounts

With fewer crowds, May offers you great deals on visiting Costa Rica. Another ideal time to visit here in July. Due to a few tourists, activities and attractions are less crowded. And, you will get a half-dropped price than peak season on lodging range. Again, August comes with fewer crowded tourist seasons and great deals on hotels, making it the cheapest time to go to Costa Rica. October in Costa Rica practically sees no tourists here, so that you will get excellent deals on hotels. As being very close to Christmas and New Year events, you will get various offers from many hotels in Costa Rica from the starting of December.

Hotel & Flight Booking

best time to go to costa rica

As Costa Rica is one of the developed countries of Middle America, it’s also taking a high price to visit. But certain planning-management on your tour can make it reasonable. After researching different prices, you can buy packages that include both the hotel and flights. According to conventional wisdom, you can save money by buying package deals. However, it is not mandatory to book a hotel and flight at the same time. If you want to get the best price on flights and hotels throughout your vacation, you should book your accommodation near the trip date. And book flights at least 6 to 7 weeks earlier.

Costa Rica travel instruction during the Novel Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of travelling that we used to know. Visitors can still enjoy the diverse wildlife, verdant green mountains, and beautiful beaches with just some extra precautions and critical changes. During this pandemic, tourists will need to purchase insurance for the approximate days of travelling, provide entry requirements, maintain airport protocols, and do the Covid test.


When should you not travel to Costa Rica?

Though the rainy season looks very lovely in Costa Rica, if you’re on a short trip of just 1 or 2 weeks, you should avoid the rainiest months, such as September and October.

How many days approximately I need to visit Costa Rica?

Within the timeframe of 9-10 days, you will be able to cover up the main attractions and get enough time to travel from one part to another. And you can see all of Costa Rica if you travel with two weeks of time duration.

What is the most tourist-friendly destination in Costa Rica?

If you’re travelling to Costa Rica for the first time, you should stay in Manuel Antonio. Tourists will get enough buses for going to various destinations from here. Also, you will find all the necessary services such as car rentals, ATMs, banks, souvenir shops and tour desks in this place.

What is the leading language in Costa Rica?

Spanish is their official language.

Final Verdict

So, now you have enough idea of the weather pattern and what could be the best time to visit Costa Rica. A treasure trove of fun activities is waiting for you. All you need to pick the right time to travel and enjoy this great country.

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